New ​Apartment Project

For this apartment Alarm & Electrical installed all wiring, lights and fittings, along with a full access/security system for the owner to feel safe in their home. To improve the comfort of the home Alarm & Electrical installed a full automation system, when the owner arrives home the lights turn on and the blinds will rise or lower depending on the time of the day. Alarm & Electrical also setup a full audio visual installation for the perfect entertainment area in a modern apartment.

Waiheke Project

Need to explain the project here too

What Our Customers Are Saying...

We’ve worked with Alarm & Electrical for over 12 years and have always received professional service on all projects. We focus on building up-market homes and apartments as our clientele require premium quality. That’s why we work with A&E because they offer advanced security systems, which often include gated entries, intercoms and CCTV coverage throughout the complex. The team make a complicated system seem simple, and always make sure they educate the customer about their installations.



We have used Alarm & Electrical on various projects over the years. The team always arrive on time and leave the place clean & tidy once they have finished the job. We’ve had our security system upgraded, along with heat and smoke detectors across the club. We need premium quality for all our work and feel Stewart & his team can always provide that.



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